Ultrasonic Shovel

CHF 45.00

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  • Pore ​​depth, intense cleaning
  • Removal of dead skin cell
  • Increases oxygen supply of the skin
  • Increased active ingredient
  • Firming effect, improved skin elasticity

Product description:Ultrasonic facial spatula - intensive cleaning, humidification and anti-wrinkle treatment.

The beauty device is handy and reminiscent of a spatula. It is led over the facial skin.
The face fastener works with ultrasonic vibration (24'000Hz), which penetrates deep into the pores and can remove dirt as well as dead skin cells.

Service:Turn on. Press 1x briefly on the ON / OFF button

Select program

  • Cleansing
    Press 1x on the ON / OFF button
  • Moisturizing
    Press 2x on the ON / OFF button
  • Lifting
    Press 3x on the ON / OFF button

Turn off.Press the ON / OFF button for about 3 seconds

3 different functions

  • In the cleaning programCleansing Krafts of the skin are gently peeled off.
  • The humidification programMoisturizing Serves intensive care of the facial skin.
  • HoistLifting the facial skin is gently massaged.

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