About us

Our mission


Putting our whole heart into helping people regenerate naturally and live in a healthier way.

To do this, we build on the wisdom of traditional and modern natural healing methods from around the world and carefully observe new developments. 
We aim to develop and expand Nature4body as the delicious way to optimally supply nutrients for body and soul.











Natural teas & more for a healthy lifestyle.

We are committed to producing delicious and healthy food based on high quality natural ingredients. The foods we process by means of careful special procedures contain valuable secondary plant substances, vitamins and minerals, but do not include superfluous additive.

All products meet the strict Swiss and European production criteria and are subject to meticulous controls.




Kirsy Aebischer is a nutrition consultant, herbalist, author and founder of the brand Nature4body. Kirsy is based in Switzerland, where she launched her company in 2014.

She succeeded in combining her passion for tea and healthy nutrition to create something entirely new:

with Nature4body she fulfilled her dream of paving an alternative path to a way of life which is based on health awareness.
With her products, Kirsy wants to help you regenerate your body and soul with natural and healthy nutrition.

Kirsy is aware that the secrets of physical and mental energy and living a long life can be found in nature. All you need to do is discover these secrets!

Her goal is to help people to regenerate and live a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Her mission is to show people how to improve their quality of life. Her vision is to touch people’s hearts and create positive effects, as well as preparing today’s world for a bright future for the next generations.