Homemade Bars Blend of 3 packages

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Healthy & delicious power bars.


Mixture of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. For our do-it-yourself power bar, we at Nature4body have lovingly put together a mixture of the best ingredients: with a unique taste experience and full of healthy energy. And because we attach great importance to the natural purity of our products, our power bars are of course 100% natural.

Enjoy your handmade power bar on the go, as a tasty and healthy snack or as a small boost of energy in everyday life! Let yourself be inspired by our simple, delicious bars. 


Ingredients: Organic Prunes I Organic Dates I Organic dried Mangoes I Organic Pistachio I Organic Walnuts I Organic Almond I Organic Flax seeds *All our ingredients come from organic farming I

Ingredients: Organic Prunes I Organic Dates I Organic dried Apricot I Organic Pumpkin seeds Organic Pecans I Organic Goji berries I Organic Sesame seeds I *All our ingredients come from organic farming I


Ingredients:Organic Prunes I Organic Dates I Organic dried Persimmon I Organic Macadamia I Organic Cranberries I Organic flaxseed I Organic Cacao-nibs I *All our ingredients come from organic farming I


Raw Dairy Free No Sugar added artificial colourings Artificial flavour Preservatives  





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